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St Martin Lodge

St Martin Lodge, Kamautaurua Quarantine Island

The Lodge is owned and managed by the QIKT Community. Our aim is to provide low-cost, simple accommodation for school camps, retreats and a family get-together, in accordance with our values and vision. It’s usually possible to stay over after the monthly Community Welcome Day, to enjoy even more time on the Island!

The Calender of current bookings is here. And here is information on how to charter a boat to come to the island.

The usual suggested donation for the Lodge is $20 per adult, $15 for tertiary students and $12 for school-aged children per night. There is an additional Family Concession (on application) of $50 (2 adults, 2 school-aged children). Boat charter, if required, is in addition to this.

St Martin Lodge can accommodate up to 30 people and is often booked to near capacity.
Groups of 10 or more can typically expect sole use of the facilities. To address any uncertainty around sharing facilities, we offer the option to book guaranteed sole use of the lodge. The cost for guaranteed sole use for groups of less than 10 is $150 plus an additional $5 per person per night. This allows smaller groups to enjoy exclusive access to the lodge and its amenities, providing a more private and tailored experience for their stay.

Pay online after your stay when you know your exact numbers, putting your name, ‘Lodge’ and the date in the reference code, or request an invoice.

Our bank account is: Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua Community 38 90170478888 00

In St Martin Lodge there is a lounge, kitchen (2 stoves, microwave, cooking utensils, jugs, toasters, pots, pans, plates, bowls, mugs/cups, glasses and cutlery), dining room with heat pump, bathroom (shower for occasional use) and two composting toilets. We will be purchasing an alternative heating source for the lounge soon, as we have had to decommission our wood burner. Currently the heat from the heat pump in the dining room can be transferred to the lounge by using a fan in a hatch between rooms and there is also an oil heater. See a gallery of photos at the bottom.

Bedrooms: Two large bunk rooms sleep 14 and 11, one single room, one room with two singles (Captain’s cabin), one double room/bed (see photos at bottom of page).

Also a room for storage (Mud room), which has a great view of shags nesting at the right time of year!

If the Lodge isn’t quite big enough for your group, there is a small, flat area for camping near the buildings. No camping elsewhere on the Island.

You will need to bring your own:
– sleeping bag
– a sheet to cover your DoC style mattress
– pillow
– tea towels-optional
– hand towels/ towels
– rubbish bags
– food

Hot water bottles, slippers or thick socks will help keep you warm inside the Lodge. Gumboots or boots will keep your feet dry outside. Put all your gear in a waterproof backpack or bag so it doesn’t get wet and dirty on the boat, or on our jetty when you arrive.

We supply toilet paper, as this needs to be biodegradable for our composting toilet system. We also supply dishwashing liquid and cleaning products that also needs to be to a high environmental standard. However, if you are a large group of staying for more than a couple of nights we welcome you to bring enough to meet the needs of your group. At the end of your stay please leave the accommodation cleaner and tidier than you found it!

We will try to maintain your privacy in the Lodge during your stay. Small groups may be asked if it is suitable to combine with another small group – we will talk to you about this in advance. However, day visitors may need to access the Lodge toilets though a separate door at the back (as they are the only toilets on the island currently).


Our tank water is UV treated and safe to drink. Please conserve water as all the island’s water comes from rain collected in water tanks. This conservation means we ask you not to shower if you are only staying for 1-2 days. If you have to shower, please keep it short (2-minutes). Refill the kettle or collect water in a jug for later use while waiting for the hot water to come through, so water is not wasted. Suitable water can be used to nourish the plants growing in containers around the Lodge, particularly the plants in front of the sun room.


We are currently able to compost food waste, and at times the Keeper will have a few chickens. Please ask the Keeper what foods can be composted, and what the chickens can eat.

Please take all your recycling and rubbish off the island when you leave. We encourage you to sort your waste for recycling (glass, plastic, paper, soft plastic).


These are composting and can only cope with pee, poo and toilet paper. There is a separate rubbish bin for sanitary products. Always close the lid after use so warm air can circulate and help with the composting process. This prevents them from getting smelly too. Useful bacteria break down the waste and it’s critical that no harsh chemical products are used to clean the toilets. These will kill the beneficial bugs. Usually, the Keeper will clean the toilet, wiping around the seat with diluted Dettol and disposing of the paper or cloth used for this in the bin.

If you find anything broken or not working or if you can’t find something you need, please talk to the Keeper.

Views Inside the Lodge (right click to view)