How do I get to the Island?

You can come over on your own power,e.g. kayak, your own boat. There are also charter boat and ferry options available. Once a month we host an open day and organise the trip over for you. Find out more about how to get here via this link.

Can I walk around the Island? How long does it take?

Yes, you can walk around the Island. It takes about 40 minutes to do the circuit. Some parts of the bush track are a little rough. We also have a walking tour guide and map, that shows the different tracks. Find out more here.

Is it free to visit the Island?

Yes, it’s free. However, there may be costs to get there and to use the buildings (Lodge, Married Quarters Building). Details on this page.

Can I come to a welcome day?

Yes, please contact the Keeper. They are usually the last Saturday or Sunday of each month. We arrange a charter boat, a special welcome, Fairtrade tea and coffee, a chance to meet other volunteers and QIKTC members, time to explore and have fun, or to help with projects if you would like, e.g. caring for native seedlings.

Can I stay overnight?

Please contact us to check. You can find out more about overnight stays on this page. The aim is to provide basic lodge for group and family hire and as a centre for hui, retreats, conferences, camps and other gatherings in accordance with the Community’s vision.

How many people can stay in St Martin Lodge?

The simple accommodation can sleep 30 people in a combination of bunk and small bedrooms. You can find out more about the Lodge on this page

What do I need to bring?

It depends if you are coming over for the day or staying over. If you are staying over, we have a guide of what to bring on this page.

Can I visit on my own boat or kayak?

Yes, you sure can. Please contact us to let us know. A short email or text is fine. The ferry and charter boat need to be able to tie up at our jetty too, so we can advise you of times to keep clear.  

Is the Island privately owned or is it a DOC reserve?

The island is a public Recreation Reserve and can be visited. However, the buildings on the Island are owned and managed by the QIKT Community. Some buildings can be visited (e.g. the historic Married Quarters building, which was part of the former quarantine station.)

Who lives on the Island?

The Keeper and his family live on the Island.There are also sheep and chickens. And of course, native birds, skinks, invertebrates….

Can I bring my dog/pet?

No. Rare native shore birds nest on the Island. Because of the risk to our endangered species, no dogs are permitted on the island or its shoreline.

Are there toilets?

As there are no public toilets on the Island, visitors are welcome to use the toilets located at the back of the St Martin Lodge (entrance from ‘playground’ side of the building). Please do not enter the main house when others are there, unless invited to by the Keeper or a QIKTC member, or it’s an welcome day.

Is alcohol allowed?

The island is a special place. We ask that visitors respect this. Consumption of alcohol in moderation is permitted.

Can I smoke on the Island?

Due to fire risk, smoking is only permitted at the end of the Jetty, use a can to dispose of cigarette butts.

Is there drinkable water on the Island?

Our tap water is from rain and tanks, and UV treated.