Journey over the water, wander through regenerating forests, admire the wildlife and incredible views. QIKT has a rich history. It was a place to gather food (mahika kai) for Southern Maori. A place for early European settlers to stay temporarily, if their ship was quarantined.

Pick up a self guided walking tour map by the gateway at the end of the jetty. There is an ecological trail map, and an historic one. You are welcome to borrow both during your visit.

We have schools visit for the day or to stay over in the Lodge. Click here if you would like to find out more about school visits and the educational opportunities on the Island.

Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua is a public Recreation Reserve and an Historic Area. The Island lies within the takiwa of Te Runaka ō Otakou and their mana whenua is recognised.

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Volunteer on The Island

There are many ways you can contribute and care for the Island. Please let us know if you have a particular skill or expertise you can offer. Some ways people contribute include:

– Planting and caring for native seedlings
– Predator and biodiversity monitoring
– Weed control
– Building projects and maintenance
– Communications

Volunteer on the island


You can …

  • Relax, connect with nature and enjoy this special place
  • Take your camera and capture the stunning panoramas
  • Do the self-guided walk and retrace history or learn about native flora
  • Discover the Island’s geology
  • Explore the rocky shore at low-tide and help by picking up any rubbish that has washed up, so that it does not endanger wildlife.
Activities on the island


The Community has a simple lodge for hire, for families and small groups, and as a centre for hui, retreats, camps and other gatherings in accordance with our values and vision.

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