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The Island Keeper/Resident Manager: Jon Clark
Mobile: 021 082 58619

Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Community Incorporated Charity Secretary: Claire Hagglund
Email: Mobile: 021 105 8442

Mail:  Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Community Incorporated
10 Hatchery Road, Portobello, Dunedin 9014

GST number: 55000514

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Relieving Keeper (Resident Manager)- Jon Clark- July 2023-

Jon has a long and deep connection with the island, and spent many days as a young adult with his mother Pamela and father, Charles Clark, members of the St. Martin Island Community. Jon lived on the island in 1985-1986 and helped Rev.Dave Wilson (the first SMIC resident Keeper who lived on the island for 10 years) care for the animals, maintain fences and buildings, and welcome groups. Jon also assisted his father in replacing the piles and timbers on the jetty. Jon is very excited to be back and we are grateful to have him!

Previous Keeper June 2022 – May 2023- Olivia(Liv)Taylor-Peebles

Previous Keeper March – June 2022- Floris (Flo) Wouters.

Previous Keeper July 2020 – March 2022- Meghan Hughes with whanau Gareth, Zoe & Arlo.

Previous Keeper October 2017 – July 2020. Dries Van den Broeck, Nadjejda Espinel Velasco, Noah and Lucia now in the far North of Norway.