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The Island Keeper and Resident Manager: Meghan Hughes.
Landline: 03 478 0874 (you can leave a message)
Mobile:  Meghan 022 095 8659

Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Community Incorporated Charity Secretary: Claire Hagglund

Mail:  Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Community Incorporated
10 Hatchery Road, Portobello, Dunedin 9014

GST number: 55000514


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Keepers (Resident Manager July 2020 on)

Meghan Hughes

“Kia ora

We are the Hughes whanau – Meghan, Gareth, Arlo and Zoe. We arrived in Dunedin less than two weeks before the Covid-19 lockdown and discovered we couldn’t have picked a more beautiful and charming place to be. We fell in love with the peninsular and the harbour, and it didn’t take long to decide living on Quarantine Island would be a great adventure and a huge privilege.

Meghan is an app developer with a background in book publishing and is always looking for new skills to learn. Gareth is currently a Member of Parliament for the Green Party, retiring after 10 years at this year’s election. Arlo is a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast and Zoe is a dedicated Queen fan (the band, not the monarch), who loves to draw, play basketball and bake.

We are all really keen to meet you when you come over to the island, and share with you stories about this most special place. Please feel welcome to say hi if you see any of us, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you while you are visiting.”

Meghan Hughes and Whanau

Previous keeper Oct 2017 – July 2020. Dries Van den Broeck, Nadjejda Espinel Velasco and family now in the far North of Norway.