Donations and Payments

Projects succeed because of the fantastic support we receive from our supporters, local businesses and members of the public. Every donation helps us to achieve our goals such as saving historic buildings, planting trees, monitoring biodiversity, pest control and so on. When you make a donation please include your name and in the reference code area, what project or area of interest you would like your money to go towards such as historic building restoration, native planting, pest control, waste management, water storage, education or equipment just to cite a few.

Make a Donation/Payment

Bank account number : Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua
Kiwibank      38 90170478888 00

Please contact us with your address for a tax receipt for your donation and if you need to, a fuller explanation of how you would like your money spent.

Become a QIKT Member

You can also support the Island by formally becoming a member through our subscription. It’s only $20 for an individual and $30 for a family.  Download our subscription payment form here.

Gift Vouchers

Looking for a lovely gift idea that also supports the Island? Gift vouchers are available for both boat transport and/or accommodation. Contact Claire at to organise a gift voucher.