Overnight Stays

The St Martin Lodge

The Lodge is available year round for school camps, retreats and family get-togethers. The accommodation is simple, a little like an older, very well-equipped DOC hut. It can sleep 30 people in a combination of bunk and small bedrooms, has a big lounge (woodburner), kitchen (2 stoves, microwave, cooking utensils, jug, toaster, pots, pans, plates and cutlery), dining room with heat pump, bathroom (shower for occasional use) and toilets. Bedrooms: Two large bunk rooms sleep 14 and 11, one single room (sunroom), one room with two singles (Captain’s cabin), one double room/bed. Also a room for storage (Mud room), which has a great view of shags nesting at the right time of year! If the Lodge isn’t quite big enough for your group, there is a flat area for camping in front of the historic Married Quarters Building.

You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, a sheet to cover your mattress, pillow, tea towels, hand towels and towels, rubbish bags and food. Hotties, slippers or thick socks will help keep you warm inside the Lodge.

We supply toilet paper, as this needs to be biodegradable for our composting toilet system. We also supply dishwashing liquid that also needs to be to a high environmental standard. Your donation for the lodge covers this as well as helping towards the ongoing maintenance and care of this unique place.

The suggested donation for the Lodge is $15 per adult, $12 for tertiary students and $10 for school aged children per night. There is an expectation that visitors will leave the lodge clean, and we welcome help with island activities. Depending on need/age this might be- feeding chickens, carrying firewood, watering or weeding around young tree seedlings, clearing paths, picking up rubbish on beaches, composting scraps, etc, however, there will be plenty of time to relax. If you have specific interests (or skills) , you may want to help with one of our current projects.

The resident Keeper can usually arrange to charter a boat, particularly for larger groups and schools.

We will try to maintain your privacy in the Lodge during your stay. However, day visitors may need to access the Lodge toilets though a separate door at the back (as they are the only toilets on the island currently).

At the end of your stay please leave the accommodation as clean and tidy as you found it.


Wash basins


Dining room, sits around 20.



Kitchen – microwave and ovens


Shag/Mud  room, small freezer


‘Captain’s cabin’ (2 beds, including capatins bunk)


Bunk rooms (sleep 12 and 11)



Lounge (big 6 x 5 m)

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 4.13.26 PM

St Martin lodge

Water, wood and waste disposal

The Island is a great place to be mindful of resources we often take for granted.
Please conserve water as all we have comes from the rain and, believe it or not, it doesn’t rain in Dunedin all that much! This conservation means we ask you not to shower if you are only staying for 1-2 days. If you have to shower, please keep it short (a minute). 
There is a limited supply of firewood, which we make available for your careful use. Again this comes from the island and is a finite resource.
We have a zing bokashi compost system for your food scraps, but you must take all your other rubbish off the island with you.
The toilets are composting toilets, that can only cope with pee, poo and toilet paper; no rubbish is to be put down them.
Bokashi Food Scraps system

Can be used for all left over food -cooked or raw, chopped or torn into small pieces. Please strain coffee grinds and squeeze out tea bags

ABSOLUTELY NO: Liquids,  Meat bones,  Paper or plastic

Please see the Resident Keeper for Compost Zing and layering instructions.


The chapel may be used but must be treated with respect. Please use candles in moderation and extinguish them on leaving.