Educational Resources and Links

This page has a list of ‘educational’ and fun topics related to the Island. Also links to resources we have found useful from this and other sites.

Overview of the main sights brochure-island-2016 and map.

History- The book ‘Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua – A short History’ was written by long time community member Lyndall Hancock and was published in 2008. It is available from good Libraries, the University Bookstore (UBS) or us  (secretary.quarantineisland at gmail dot com).

Activities: Self guided walk QI in WW1 web – how it would have looked as a Military Hospital in WW1. The Keeper could explain what it was like at other times (e.g. 1870’s Quarantine times)

Quarantine- what is it? who came here? who died here? of what diseases? factsheet with parts from papers of the times. From a set of resources from the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of NZ

Immigration to NZ – How, why and when did people come?

Epidemic diseases – what quarantine should have kept out 1810-1890, 1890-1920 . Most ships were quarantined for smallpox, typhoid or scarlet fever, surprisingly the Island was not used for the influenza epidemic following WW1. Note: The remaining buildings are

Ships have brought people to or from the Island- – The Waikana’s (the hulk of the metal ship) bigger sister ship the Earnslaw. Other famous ships with links to the island are the Willochra and the City of New York.

Archaeology: Over the years many surface finds have been made – from pieces of broken pottery and glass, to nails and the casing for a fobb watch. In June 2017, University  of Otago Honours Archaeology student, Alana Kelly, cleaned up and researched many of these items, giving us a glimpse into past lives. QI Surface Finds 1   QI Surface Finds 2

Ecology– Destruction and restoration of the  natural environment. Pest weeds, predators. Check out the ‘Predator Free QI/Biodiversity monitoring page for details about our biodiversity monitoring project and talk to the Keeper if you’d like to get involved.

Also, here’s a link to a pdf of two talks from QI/KT Community member Jim Fyfe.

Geography: The island is the ancient heart of the Dunedin volcano. Information about Hereweka (Harbour Cone) – part of the rim.

The Department of Conservation have a range of resources, mostly for Levels 1-4, but also some to Level 8

An Island… Think about it- the Island as an open system. Imports/Exports/Tourism/Sustainability

Fun and education…

  • Scavenger hunt around buildings (editable document, ask the keeper)
  • Visit the cave
  • Orienteering around the Island
  • The night sky- city and harbour lights, stars.
  • Spotlight
  • Practise for emergency- Tsunami,  Storm, Accidents – boating, cliffs.
  • Singing in the chapel
  • Games in the lounge
  • Native tree restoration – planting, weeding, watering
  • Beach clean up
  • Fetching pine cones, and firewood
  • Feeding chickens
  • Messing about in boats- Kayaking, rowing, canoeing.
  • Swimming – jetty jumping, beach swimming.P106054712745698_1692442401031392_4137458826608713873_nScreen Shot 2013-07-25 at 4.13.07 PM