Ships in Quarantine and Passenger lists

Diseases and Quarantine. In general if there was active disease on board the Otago Medical Officer would be notified by the ships doctor and all quarantined. Sometimes the sick or well stayed on the ship. The last quarantined person that died on the island was in 1916 (over 100 years ago). No bacteria, virus or spore could survive that long.

Diseases: Smallpox virus. had been a devastating disease until widespread immunisation in the early 1800’s. For some the immunisation did not work thus occasional cases occurred. Today- smallpox is eradicated but immunisation still used.

Measles virus. Today-it is aimed to eliminate this worldwide by immunisation. However humanitarian issues have delayed this.

Diptheria/Croup. Bacteria. Today-immunisation

Typhoid. Bacteria. Today-immunization.

Scarlet fever/Scarlatina. Bacteria. Strep sore thought, then bacteria spread throughout the body. Today, treated by antibiotics (since 1940’s).

Whooping cough. Bacteria. Today immunisation works. It is more common in babies before immunisation (1300 cases in NZ in 2017, approx 1 death per year)

Year Monthh Datey Days in Q Ship Name Port of Departure Diseases Comments
1860 Sept 3 7 Robert Henderson Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland scarlet fever
1860 Oct 26 ½ Silistria Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland smallpox
1863 July 12 31+ Victory Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland smallpox
1863 Sept 14 29 Mataura Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland smallpox, scarlet fever
1863 Dec 5 2 Daniel Rankin Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland smallpox
1864 Sept 23 4 City of Dunedin Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland fever
1866 Sept 21 26 Resolute Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland smallpox
1867 Oct 12 1 Echunga Gravesend, London, England smallpox
1868 Feb 18 7 Fairy Queen Mauritius, Africa fever
1868 Apr 2 6 Centaur Mauritius, Africa fever
1870 Dec 23 13 Robert Henderson Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland scarlatina (scarlet fever)
1872 Dec 5 11+ Christian McCausland Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland scarlatina (scarlet fever) Diary entry
1872 Dec 6 17+ Palmerston Hamburg, Germany scarlatina (scarlet fever) Diary.
Carried many Polish immigrants
1873 Feb 16 4+ Charlotte Gladstone Gravesend, London, England typhoid 338  passengers to Otago, Diary
1873 Nov 6 7+ Lady Jocelyn Gravesend, London, England diphtheria 198 passengers to Otago
1874 Feb 13 28+ SS Mongol Plymouth, England scarlet fever Ship with the most deaths on the Island, coincidentally the first Steam immigrant ship to NZ. Arrival announced
1874 Feb 28 9+ Carnatic London, England scarlet fever, measles
1874 Mar 5 13+ Scimitar Plymouth, England scarlet fever, measles
1874 June 8 9 SS Atrato Plymouth, England measles, croup/diptheria Had 762 immigrants on board and of that number 280 were children.  There was much sickness on board and before New Zealand was reached there were 33 deaths, all being infant with one exception.
1875 Jan 10 5 Margaret Galbraith Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland scarlet fever
1875 Feb 12 10+ Gareloch London, England scarlet fever
1875 Feb 17 15+ Oamaru Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland scarlet fever
1875 July 25 6+ Aldergrove Glasgow, Scotland measles
1875 Sept 30 1+ Invercargill Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland whooping cough
1876 Feb 6 5 Corona London, England typhoid
1876 Nov 19 8+ Dunedin Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland measles
1876 Dec 16 6+ Oamaru Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland measles, fever
1877 Mar 25 29 Gloucester Hong Kong, China smallpox Carrying workers from China.  122 passengers 4 still had smallpox. Tents on the Island.
1877 Nov 21 9 Waipa Plymouth, England scarlet fever
1877 Dec 30 17 Canterbury Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland typhoid
1879 Mar 24 11 Lyttelton Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland scarlatina (scarlet fever)
1879 Oct 2 7 Forfarshire London, England diphtheria
1879 Dec 23 6+ Auckland Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland measles
1880 Jan 7 5+ Marlborough Grenock, Glasgow, Scotland measles
1881 June 29 17 Charles Worsley London, England smallpox
1885 May 8 6 Arawa Plymouth, England smallpox
1887 Jan 29 7 Ruapehu Plymouth, England scarlatina (scarlet fever)
1889 Aug 28 5 Coptic Plymouth, England scarlatina (scarlet fever)
1892 Jan 19 51 Umvoti Mauritius, Africa smallpox
1894 May 23 21 Rimutaka London, England scarlet fever
1902 Aug 5 13 Orient Capetown, South Africa measles, smallpox
1916 May 16 14 Willochra London, England smallpox Returning troopship had smallpox outbreak, Private Wilson died and was in the cemetery until 1947.

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