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Kaitiaki of Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua

The Island ‘Community’  all live in different parts of Dunedin, or even further away (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Otatara…), with busy lives, juggling other commitments, wearing multiple ‘hats’. Some make it to the Island most months for our Community open day, others once or twice a year; some not at all these days. It’s not easy to define exactly who the ‘Quarantine Island Community’ is. However, we know many people have experienced something special about the Island and their time there. We are delighted people continue to be drawn to the Island, to help with projects, to talk, to dream, to have fun, and to consider serious issues, such as climate change. Also to those who can’t make it to the Island physically, but continue to have a special place in their heart for the Island and others in the Community, and keep in touch, or take an interest in what is going on, from afar via our email newsletter and facebook page.

Joining the Community. Please feel free to visit the Island on Community weekends or open days, to get to know us. If you have a passion for social justice, ecology and the environment, the building of sustainable communities, finding sanctuary in nature, or finding peace within, you will find kindred spirits! The Island is a big place and there are many ways to contribute, so let us know if you have particular interests or skills.

The governance and management group for the Community is the Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Community Council. Current members are Jillian Hetherington, (Chair), Kristen Bracey (Treasurer), Beryl Maultby, Chris Brown, Jim Fyfe, Patsy Mason, Leonard Guy, Claire Hagglund (Secretary), Brendan Penwarden, Russel, plus our Keeper, Dries van den Broeck.

Our draft ‘Statement of Management Intent’ for the Island, and our ‘Rules’, can be found here:

What we plan to do– Our Statement of Management Intent

Our Constitution- Rules

 Our latest AGM minutes and reports can be found below. We value your subs! $20 for an individual; $30 for a family. Details here.

QIKTC AGM 2018 – Minutes

We build on the work and vision of many people who have gone before us, including our founding body, the St Martin Island Community. We officially changed our name in 2015. The long standing name of the community ‘St Martin’ lives on in the renamed ‘St Martin Lodge’.

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Some of the Community at the 50th Anniversary 2008

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