The Community values the concept of sustainability. We try to ensure that the residents and visitors on the Island follow the guidelines established by the NZ Sustainable Households project supported by the Ministry for the Environment.

The Community also hopes at some stage to install appropriate solar and wind energy equipment, partly to encourage interest in these technologies by allowing visitors to use them, as well as to improve our own energy management.

Wherever possible, the Community purchases goods which are produced using sustainably managed resources. The Island is currently the only certified ‘Trade Aid’ island in New Zealand.

Conservation Ideas are welcome, current ideas include simple practical measures – better insulation, less hot water use, to more ambitious ideas: wind, solar, methane or tidal power.

Hear an interview with Francine Vella ‘Sustainable Living on Quarantine Island ‘ on ‘ Eco living in action’ 6/8/2015.

Our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and intentions for reducing them are here: quarantine-island-emissions.The largest source of emissions are the sheep, they have been retained to reduce the grass and associated fire risk. Other options e.g. low emission mowing are being investigated. Indeed even a fossil fueled mower would have much lower emissions than sheep.