Donate/ payments

Projects succeed because of the fantastic support we receive from Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua members, supporters, local  20130802-IMG_5012businesses and organisations, and other well-wishers. See the ‘projects page’ for significant recent donations and the ‘about us’ page to find out about being a member of the QI/KT Community and our values and objectives.

Every donation helps us to achieve our  goals from saving historic buildings to planting  trees or reaching out to disadvantaged groups.

When you make a donation please include your name and what you would like your money to go towards, if you have a specific wish.  Here are some examples: Historic Buildings, Ecology, Trees, Garden, Sustainability – Energy, Waste, Toilets, Water, Education, Equipment.
Please email quarantineisland@ with your address for a tax receipt for your donation and if you need to, a fuller explanation of how you would like your money spent.”

Our Bank account details are : Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua

Kiwibank      38 90170478888 00

You can also support us by formally becoming a member and paying a subscription, $20 for an individual and $30 for a family.subscription July 2017

Looking for a lovely gift idea that also supports the Island? Gift vouchers are available for both boat transport and/or accommodation. Contact Kristen at secretary.quarantineisland