Ships and the Island

As the place¬†where many passengers first disembarked, ships have played an important part in the Island’s history. The larger ocean going ships would not have disembarked directly onto the Island Jetty but be transferred by smaller ships. Some interesting notes about¬† ships from different periods are shown here: (these pages under development (14/4/2016)

Fast and elegant clipper emigrant ships of the 1870’s

Christian McCausland (1869-1892)

Port Chalmers

Christian McCausland, 1872

Troopships of WW1

Willochra (1914-1929)

Willochra, 1918

Harbour Ferries

Scheduled services between Port Chalmers and Portobello ran from 1876-1950’s). Most visited the island on demand.

  • Waikana (1909-1938). Visited the Island many times, finally rests there.


    SS Waikana, 1928

  • SS Tarewai (1905-1943). Named after Tarewai.


    Tarewai, 1940

  • Elsie Evans (1901-today). Ferry from 1946-1950’s.

    Elsie Evans

    Elsie Evans, 2016

Admiral Byrds ships

  • City of New York
    Waireka and City of New York

    City of New York, 1928