Keeper (Resident Manager) on Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua

After several wonderful years on the Island Dries and family are moving way. So we need a new keeper…

Become the future Keeper (Resident Manager) living on an Island (Quarantine Island /Kamau Taurua) in Otago Harbour. The opportunity of a lifetime…

The role of KEEPER on Quarantine Island/ Kamau Taurua will soon become available! The Keeper helps the non-resident QI/KT Community Inc act as kaitiaki, welcomes visitors, and manages the island on a day-to-day basis. The island has a rich ecology and history and we are committed to sustainability and conservation. The position is initially for a year, with a possibility of renewal.

Part time paid employment (20 hrs p.w.) plus island accommodation and services. The keeper is the only permanent resident on the island. There is an information pack on our web site 

Apply via seek

Update: Applications will remain open until 10/4 due to current uncertainties.

The ‘Information pack’ consists of:

Additional information about the Island, and the community group that look after it, can be found on this website. Particularly-

Over the years, each Keeper has brought different skills and experience to the Island. This is also a learning opportunity, in which you will enhance your experience.

Your relevant skills and experience may include:

  • Working in or with community groups
  • Work in isolation
  • Resourcefulness and able to work independently
  • Hut or campground warden (hosting) experience
  • Environmental education
  • Office administration e.g. googlecalendar/googledocs
  • Small boat skills
  • Building maintenance or painting
  • Animal pest control/wildlife monitoring/telemetry
  • Knowledge of NZ flora and fauna
  • Track building/fencing
  • Native tree revegetation/propagation/releasing
  • Animal husbandry (currently there are 30 sheep and 3 chickens)
  • Cleaning
  • Volunteering
  • History and Archaeology
  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Writing grant applications
  • Health and Safety documentation and implementation
  • Physical fitness

To apply:

Send a letter of application through SEEK (will be live soon). The listing contains the same information as is on this page

In the letter outline how you fit with our goals/vision as kaitiaki of the Island and the Keeper’s job description.

Include your CV, with the names and full contact details of two referees. You must be able to work in NZ.

  • Sunset

    Sunset from the Keepers Cottage.