Current needs

Current Needs

1. Guides and leaders

We love to develop and support people to become guides for visitors and lead an activity, eg releasing or weed control, and sharing the Island’s stories. This could mean helping with a small group, or on our open days.

2. People with Rope Skills and Equipment

Weed control work in some of the steep areas requires people with rope skills and equipment. Plenty of weeds that are more accessible for people who have moderate fitness and good health & safety awarenessWeed control involves working methodically to locate plants, cut and swab the stump with weedkiller.

3. Soil or Pasture Scientist

We would love a Soil or Pasture Scientist to assess how we can farm for increased soil carbon and reduction in atmospheric C02 (greenhouse gases).

4. Plumber

The pipes under the Lodge are old and we would like advice (and help with replacing?)

5. Web development (done)

We have just completed a major rebuild of the website that will go live in April 2020

6. Help with grant application writing