Current needs

Current needs – if you have these skills and time to volunteer (or happen to be in the Island to give advice) we’d love to hear from you!

Skills needed:

Plumber: checkĀ  flow through wetback in water heater in cottage. Advise on low pressure water in the Cottage, and geeting pressure up by putting a tank on the hill.

Artist: To sketch a line art image of what the bathrooms would have been like. Something like these?





Rope skillsweed control work in some of the steep areas requires people with rope skills and equipment. Plenty of weeds that are more accessible for people who have moderate fitness.

Fitness/ health & safety awareness – we have ramped up weed control work. One of our target weed species is Darwins barberry, which is scattered through the established bush, mostly on the southwest of the Island. Weed control involves working methodically to locate plants, cut and swab the stump with weedkiller. Careful bush bashing required!